About Me

Hey, I’m Erin Arista, but I prefer Arista. 

I’m a wife of eight years to Justin, and mama to Liam (6), and Nora (4). Professionally I am a hair/makeup artist, and entrepreneur. Once upon a time I went to college for anthropology and loved it, that is also where I met said husband. I’m a lover of reading, writing, makeup, essential oils, naturopathy, and research.

I’m a Pieces, intuitive to a fault- I can see the downfall of my actions or those of another to whatever end, but allow it all to happen anyway. There are days where I feel powerful and days where I feel like the most worthless of them all. I am on a journey to eradicate depression and anxiety from my mind with what I call “makeup therapy”.

I joined Maskcara Beauty to reconnect myself with my passion (makeup artistry) and a meaningful community of women; which coincidentally coincides with my passion of writing and wanting to blog. 

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. Who are you? Share something about yourself with me in the comments or by emailing aristacron@gmail.com I cannot wait to meet you!