Narrowing My Blog Niche

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Depression and anxiety play a huge part as to why I have struggled to narrow down my blog niche for years! Years! Unfortunately, this is also the reason it’s taken me years to have a running blog (read more here). I recently followed someone on Instagram, and they immediately messaged me with one of those, “Hey thanks for following, you look interesting!” kind of messages. In the message, she also describes herself and purpose in an easy and concise way. Reading the description of herself was so easy and inspiring, and it totally hit me that I cannot be successful in this profession if I cannot also break down my introduction. This message gave me a “light-bulb” moment, and I finally determined what my blog is about!

I blog because I want to combat and/or encourage women struggling with depression and or anxiety through “beauty and essential oil therapy.”

Why makeup/beauty? Makeup is my form of therapy, it lets me escape and just practice my art form. It is something I am completely passionate about. Why essential oils? Because whether it’s a placebo effect, or it really does work, doTerra essential oils are positively changing my life, depression and beyond. Is this specific niche like anyone else’s? Not that I know of!

Reflecting on my past blogging experience lead me to the revelation that I kept trying to put myself in a box (hello and thanks anxiety). I would go through blog after blog, trying to figure out a good copy and paste kind of box to put my own blog in and that just was not working. I felt like I didn’t belong in this space if I couldn’t have a specific purpose. Now, will this skyrocket my rankings in the search engines? Nope, probably not. BUT, I am not writing this blog for fame. I am writing and creating this blog because I know there are so many women out there who are having a hard time accepting depression, and anxiety, as a “normalcy” in our lives.

Also, I am so thankful I put a “Journal” tab on my blog, because it is allowing me to also feel free of conforming to everyone else’s blog style. I just need to be able to write and it not fit anywhere! It seriously makes my heart SO HAPPY! Thank you for being here, and I hope this blog post has inspired you too. What is your experience with blog niches? Have you struggled to find one? Are you struggling currently? Let me know in the comments or email me at

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    • Pam, so true, the fear of the unknown can control a lot in life. It was life changing to have a diagnosis of depression and anxiety years ago, but it was also so taboo that it seemed like a shameful topic to explore and discuss with others. I am excited to transition into an all natural approach for depression and anxiety, and will definitely blog about it! Thank you for always being a huge supporter of mine. I love you so much!

  • Thank you for your kind comment and reading my blog! I have not set up a newsletter, yet. It motivates me to have someone ask about a newsletter to start one. Blessings to you Janae!

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