Strange Place

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I’m in that strange place in my life where I want to do and be everything. I want to be a doctor/nurse, a student in college, or an international makeup artist. I feel like my 5yo self again. In your late teens and early twenties, you go through a period where you either know to a fault exactly “what you want to be”, and there is no alternate plan, or you simply have no idea. I was both of those things then too. Now that I have experienced a little life, I know I have capabilities to be and do many things; but most importantly, I know that wanting to do more than one great thing is awesome!  

Now, the above paragraph is the perfect example of a manic episode for me, and that coupled with raising two children, I don’t know how to move forward with any of my life dreams. Is this something you ask yourself? I would love to hear how you compromise and combine your dreams with your current reality.

Here’s what my current reality looks like (during a high emotional state):

5:15 am- If there is an early morning barre class available, I take it so I can be awake and ready to tackle the day. If not, I sleep until one of the kids wakes me up.

3 am, 5 am, 6:30 am, 7:30 am- All possible times my youngest will wake me up to start the day. It’s been brutal lately.

7:45 am- If my oldest is not awake, I get him up to go to school. We do your normal school routine each weekday morning.

8:40 am- We are hopefully on the way to drop off the oldest at kindergarten, and if it’s a Tuesday or Thursday we take the younger to preschool.

9:05 am- I am back home. If my youngest is home, we usually make a snack and I put a show on for her so I can have some Bible time.

10 am- I try and get some work done around the house… If my daughter is home I include her the best I can because she is attached to me non-stop. If she isn’t here, I try and have some me time; drink some coffee and read or watch a show.

12 pm- I’m either picking up my youngest from preschool or making lunch. Either way, we live close enough to the school that I am making lunch around this time.

1 pm- I try and work on social media things for the two direct sales companies I am representing (doTERRA essential oils, and makeup by Maskcara Beauty).

2 pm- Play with youngest.

3:36 pm- Pick up oldest from the bus stop.  

4 pm- Check for homework/anything school sent for me to look over/sign.

4:30 pm- Spend a good ten minutes convincing my oldest to read his book for homework and get dinner started.

5 pm- Start dinner, ask kids to start cleaning up any toys or crafts they are playing with.

6 pm- Dinner, family time.

7 pm- Start bedtime routine.

8 pm- Spend quality time with husband and/or post on social media/ do research for businesses.

12 am- Usually go to bed and scroll Pinterest until I can’t hold my eyes open.

Now, hopefully, you aren’t super annoyed with me tediously describing my weekday schedule. I needed to write it out for myself to see how I can be more productive with the time I have. Have you ever written out your schedule like this? This was my first time actually, and it was really eye opening! I challenge you to do this exercise too. If you are like me and want to accomplish many things in your life, this is a great first step to see where you can improve your time spent. Let me know in the comments if you write down your schedule and how it has helped you make positive changes in your productivity!

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