4 Reasons You Didn’t Follow through with your Blog and How to Make it a Success this Time

Depression is tough on any passion. In fact, one of the signs of depression is losing interest in your passions. Case in point, I love writing, and I have always wanted to start a blog. However, this is my fourth or fifth (I lost count) time attempting to successfully blog. So when I started thinking of why I never successfully started a blog, I came up with four consistent reasons (outside of struggling with depression) why I never got that blog up and running.

1. I didn’t write more than one post at a time.

I spent all of my time setting up the blog, designing it, coming up with a catchy name, what I was going to write about, etc… but I never wrote more than one post at a time. This is detrimental because, any time you hit a roadblock or get discouraged, you don’t have any time to recover, so you either keep writing content and maybe it doesn’t reflect your true talent or you just quit altogether and fall into a trap of depression and let it go. This time, I did not set up and release my blog until I had 30 posts written and ready to schedule.

2. You started a blog for the wrong reason.

The first few times I started a blog it was for one reason only: money. I kept hearing from my husband about how all of these self-made millionaires became so because of a blog they started. This sounded like something I could do because I enjoy writing, so I decided to hop on board. I’m not saying I didn’t feel or mean anything I wrote, because I did, but my heart wasn’t in the right place while writing it and I definitely wasn’t sharing it for the sole benefit of helping others. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t want my blog to make money, that would be a lie. I would love for this creative outlet for me to be a source of nourishment for my family financially. I’m just saying that this time I am way more interested in benefitting others than I am making money.

3. You’re waiting for the perfect time to start.

There’s no time like the present. Yeah, it’s cliche, but it’s also true. If you wait until the “perfect time”, it’s never going to happen. The truth is, there is no good time. Just do it! Every time you think of a blog topic or a good chunk of a post, write it down or voice record it so you can capture your thoughts in real time.

4. You’re Stuck Comparing Yourself to other Blogs/Bloggers

There is only one you. Do not get caught up in how another blog looks, or how “perfect” another blogger seems to present themselves. A blog is just like any other social media content, we only see what the writer wants us to see. You matter! Your voice is unique, and it matters! Write what you feel passionate about. You have no idea how many people you may inspire by what you have to say.

I hope the above realizations help you start and write a successful blog. You can do it! Comment below with your blog address. I would love to meet you in your corner of the web!

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