30 Before 30 Bucket List

Bucket List 30 before 30

As cheesy as it may be, I’ve always loved the idea of completing a 30 before 30 bucket list. So, after much consideration (probably too much, ha!), here is my list of 30 things I want to complete before I turn 30.

  1. Start volunteering for a cause that I’m passionate about.
  2. Go on a girls trip!
  3. Take a me only weekend holiday.
  4. Make (sew) mommy and me matching outfits.
  5. Go to a concert of one of my favorite artists.
  6. Have a decorated home I’m proud of.
  7. Watch 30 movie musicals.
  8. Get a tattoo by one of my dream artists.

  9. Run a money making blog.
  10. Start a YouTube channel and have 30 videos up.
  11. Pay off all credit card debt.
  12. Level up in Maskcara Beauty.

  13. See Wicked on Broadway in Seattle.
  14. Say yes to my kids’ requests for a day (unless it’s impossible).
  15. Have a body I am proud of.
  16. Eat the 4 Hour Body way for the year.
  17. Find my signature lipstick color.
  18. Visit California (Preferably San Fran).
  19. Visit Leavenworth during the holiday season.
  20. Have family photos taken.
  21. Learn 3 new hair braiding techniques.
  22. Teach 30 makeup classes.
  23. Keep $1000 in emergency fund at all times.
  24. Finish my first novel.
  25. Sell 10 things I’ve made/created.
  26. Successfully complete a no spend month.

  27. Cook every recipe in Joanna Gaines’ cookbook.
  28. Go on a couples vacation with Justin.
  29. Experience vitamin therapy.
  30. Celebrate my 30th birthday with loved ones!

Okay, so that’s a lot of exciting things to accomplish! My goal is to really immerse myself in life, and no longer give anxiety/depression any strong hold in my life. What are you doing, TODAY, to make this your best year yet? Do you have a bucket list for your life? Comment below or email me at aristacron@gmail.com I cannot wait to hear your story.


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